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Contributing to Learning Wikibase

Thank you for intending to contribute to LearningWikibase. The vision of LearningWikibase is to provide online materials to make installing, maintaining and customizing your Wikibase instance easier. Please share your experience or tips with others so everyone can benefit from each other.

We’ve created some guidelines to make it easier to you to know, where you can help.

Code of conduct

The code of conduct provides participation guidelines for the LearningWikibase project to truly thrive. The community must be welcoming, inclusive and save for all.

This code of conduct is inspired by Code of Conduct for Wikimedia Technical Spaces and Citizen Code of Conduct

Expected behaviour:

  • Be authentic
  • Be friendly and patient
  • Be welcoming
  • Be considerate
  • Be respectful
  • Be careful in the words that you choose
  • Try to understand disagreement

Unexpected behaviour:

  • Personal attacks, violence, threats of violence, or deliberate intimidation.
  • Offensive, derogatory, or discriminatory comments.
  • Gratuitous or off-topic use of sexual language or imagery.
  • Inappropriate or unwanted attention, touching, or physical contact (sexual or otherwise).
  • Inappropriate or unwanted public or private communication, following, or any form of stalking.
  • Unwanted photography or recording.
  • Disclosure of a person's identity or other private information without their consent. Disclosure of some identifying information is not consent to disclose other identifying information. Inappropriate or unwanted publication of private communication. Publishing or reporting private communication or personally identifying information for the purposes of reporting harassment (as explained here) and/or in the case of whistleblowing, is acceptable.
  • Harming the discussion or community with methods such as sustained disruption, interruption, or blocking of community collaboration (i.e. trolling).
  • Discrimination, particularly against marginalized and otherwise underrepresented groups. Targeted outreach to such groups is allowed and encouraged.

Contributor guidelines

More details are following, this document will be updated regularly.

The guidelines should be reflected by the behaviour within the community and ask contributors to approach participation with a specific mindset and lay out the actual process by which people can contribute to LearningWikibase.

The contributor guidelines are for:

  • potential contributors: People who want to know, what they can help out with, the process and the conversations you need to follow in making contributions, and the way how to interact with other community members
  • project consumers: People who want to build on top of this project, remix, reuse it to create their own project
  • project lead who creates and maintains this file

Project vision

Wikibase is an open source software suite for running a collaborative knowledge base. One installation of it is Wikidata. Wikibase enables humans and machines to work together productively in the same shared space. Wikibase is a collaborative knowledge base software that allows users to tie in to a vast network of linked open data, easily adding to and ingesting knowledge from Wikidata and other instances of Wikibase, creating an ecosystem of easily shared, accessible knowledge.

My motivation for this project is to provide clarity, transperency in the technical documentation of Wikibase in building a "place" where you can find all online learning ressources around wikibase. I hope that we can create more screencasts, wikibase training material or FAQ's together to make it possible for more people to use Wikibase as knowledge base for their data.

The vision of LearningWikibase is to provide Online Materials to make it easer to install, maintain or customize your Wikibase instance. Please share you're learnings or tipps with others to benefit from each other.


My name is Sandra. I set up the project as part of Mozilla’s Open Leadership program in spring 2019. This is happening in my volunteer time. I work as project manager for Wikidata, Wikibase and other Wikimedia projects. I like to sail and to brew beer and cider. I’m happy that you found this repo and want to support the vision of LearningWikibase.


You can find more information about the project and plan in the Readme. The structure of Learning Wikibase is that we have different sections (articles) for every process step, which are:

  • Install Wikibase
  • Data architecture
  • Import Data
  • Query & Export Data
  • Maintain Wikibase
  • Use Cases for Wikibase

In every section we are collecting knowledge e.g. How-Tos, small use cases, screencasts, FAQs. I started with collecting information around installing Wikibase. You can find some information in all the other parts, but I hope that we can fill this together. There is already an existing Wikibase user group out there which already went through the whole process with high learning curves.

In the issue tracker you will find open issues for each section.

Communication channel

There is a Wikibase Telegram Group you can join by invite. For doing this please send me a message. There is also a @LearningWikibase Twitter channel where I will post news, retweet resources I found etc.


Everyone is welcome to contribute. You can contribute in three ways:

  • If you work on writing content (Technical Documentation Yah!) check out Write the Docs and our style guide
  • If your contribution is minor e.g. such as a typo fix, a better phrase, a picture, a link etc., open a pull request.
  • If your contribution is major e.g a new process step, start by opening an issue first. That way, other people can weigh in on the discussion before you do any work.

You can also report bugs e.g. design, content omissions or copy errors, which you think could cause trouble for the project. This will be valuable feedback for the project.


I appreciate everyone’s time and work for the project and will list all people here who are contributing to this project.


You can contact me via twitter @LearningWikibase or email:

Style Guide

All written content should follow these principles:

  • Approachability: Don't assume reader has prior knowledge
  • Brevity: Keep it simple, link to outside content for deeper dives
  • Curation: Amplify community best practices vs. any individual’s point of view

Content should maintain a light-hearted, but wise (think classy, not overly excited) tone. LearningWikibase should be easy to understand, clear and inspire people to get started with Wikibase.

Please share your sources, when you post learning content.

This section is inspired by