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Code for the paper "FlipTest: Fairness Testing via Optimal Transport". Currently, the code supports exact optimal transport mappings for the Lipton synthetic hiring dataset (Lipton et al., 2018) and the Strategic Subject List (City of Chicago, 2017), as well as GAN approximations for the Lipton hiring dataset.

Links to the paper

How to run the code

You will need an installation of Python 3 with some commonly used data analysis packages, such as numpy, scipy, sklearn, pandas, and matplotlib.

Exact optimal transport

Requires Gurobi. This is proprietary software, but free licenses are available for academic users.

Go to the exact-ot/ directory and run python lipton or python ssl to find the exact optimal transport mapping on the Lipton hiring dataset or the Strategic Subject List, respectively. Alternatively, you can import and run

X1, X2, y1, y2, columns, forward, reverse = run_lipton() #or run_ssl()

to load the mapping into the current namespace. X1 and X2 are 2-D numpy arrays of the input features, y1 and y2 are 1-D numpy arrays containing the response, and columns is a list of the feature names. forward and reverse are defined by the following relation: if X1[i] maps to X2[j] under the optimal transport mapping, then forward[i] = j and reverse[j] = i.

GAN approximation

In the gan/ directory, there are Jupyter notebooks containing the results of the GAN experiments on the Lipton hiring dataset. Due to GPU nondeterminism, these results are slightly different from those reported in the paper. The notebooks can be rerun with TensorFlow 2.0 if desired.


(Lipton et al., 2018) Zachary Lipton, Julian McAuley, and Alexandra Chouldechova. Does mitigating ML's impact disparity require treatment disparity? Neural Information Processing Systems, 2018.

(City of Chicago, 2017) City of Chicago. Strategic Subject List., 2017.


Code for the paper "FlipTest: Fairness Testing via Optimal Transport", presented at the ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency, 2020.







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