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May 13, 2011
Thomas Schreiber Edited kokki/cookbooks/postgresql9/recipes/ via GitHub 78076c3
May 17, 2011
Samuel Stauffer Merge pull request #19 from rizumu/patch-1
Edited kokki/cookbooks/postgresql9/recipes/ via GitHub
Oct 24, 2011
Wen Tao taowen Script action should be actions, otherwise no matter which action we …
…provide, it will always be overridden to run
Oct 25, 2011
Samuel Stauffer Merge pull request #20 from taowen/master
Fixed a simple error in resources/
Apr 16, 2012
Samuel Stauffer librato-silverline: use maverick repo for 11.x ubuntu 6375f20
Samuel Stauffer cloudkick: use maverick repo for 11.x ubuntu 7cf876a
Apr 17, 2012
Samuel Stauffer Fix postgresql9 default recipe 9de9258
Samuel Stauffer Use standard repo for postgresql9 in ubuntu 11.10 e3a530d
Samuel Stauffer upgrade postgresql9 from 9.0 to 9.1 42c0ad3
Samuel Stauffer Half attempt at making postgresql9 work with multiple version of 9.x d0718e9
Samuel Stauffer Updated postgresql9 metadata 42256cf
Samuel Stauffer cloudkick: install libssl0.9.8 as it's not installed for some reason 9d41322
Samuel Stauffer Added tests for Execute.only_if 485f22d
trhowe trhowe adding a download source for file content a8d5de6
Samuel Stauffer Make a base resource test class 2a2ad38
Samuel Stauffer Some small cleanup 41cc2ea
Apr 18, 2012
Samuel Stauffer Give name of package when no version available b145848
Apr 19, 2012
Samuel Stauffer Detect amazon linux ami 958bb41
Samuel Stauffer Use redhat providers for amazon image cd48955
Samuel Stauffer Choose the proper service name for ssh on Redhat based systems 82e4509
Samuel Stauffer Fix the sshd recipe d9f7ece
Samuel Stauffer Fix authorized_keys parsing when there's a command 2c3b4da
Samuel Stauffer Another fix to parsing authorized_keys. A bit of a hack 7ec05f1
Samuel Stauffer Fix nginx user name on Amazon AMI dc45ad5
Samuel Stauffer Make sure nginx directories exist b1bb8c1
Samuel Stauffer Fix munin-node and supervisor on Amazon AMI f70ec54
Samuel Stauffer Fix location of supervisord config 0b62cfd
Samuel Stauffer Fix location of supervisord config 9ee3b62
Samuel Stauffer Some more supervisor paths 9ef61db
Samuel Stauffer supervisor: create child log dir f38b33a
Aug 18, 2012
Samuel Stauffer postgresql9: no longer need separate repo a3dd9e7
Samuel Stauffer aws: allow linux device override for volumes da98da5
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