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# Screens/Features:
- Login/Signup
- Import from Google Reader
- Add sites
- Autocomplete
- Folder choice
- Add folders
- Feed list
- Sites to display:
- Single site
- Folders (river of news)
- Saved stories
- Shared stories (blurblog)
- Each site has three unread counts
- Change intelligence level (red, yellow, green)
- Toggle display of sites with no unreads above intelligence level
- Quick search by site title
- Refresh unread counts (pull to refresh on iOS)
- Mark all sites as read going back N days
- Story titles view
- Story title, author, tags, dates, and [potentially] content excerpt
- Change intelligence level
- Mark site/folder/blurblog as read
- Here or in the feed list:
- Delete site
- Move site to folder
- Rename site
- Story detail
- Story header (title, author, tags, date, feed gradient bar + favicon)
- Story content
- Next/Previous links/preview
- Unread progress (how many unread stories left)
- Social:
- Share count: friends + other
- Share comments and replies by friends
- Public comments (fetch with another api call)
- Each user links to profile dialog
- Profiles
- Badge:
- Username, bio, location, website, share counts, follow counts
- Follow status (follow/unfollow/preview blurblog)
- Followers/Following, separated by friends (intersection of their follows
and your follows) and public
- Recent activities
- Training
- By site or story
- Titles, authors, tags, and publisher
- Thumbs up/down
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