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import os
from fnmatch import fnmatch
from vendor import yaml
from django.conf import settings
DATA_URI_START = "<!--[if (!IE)|(gte IE 8)]><!-->"
DATA_URI_END = "<!--<![endif]-->"
MHTML_START = "<!--[if lte IE 7]>"
MHTML_END = "<![endif]-->"
class JammitAssets:
ASSET_FILENAME = 'assets.yml'
def __init__(self, assets_dir):
Initializes the Jammit object by reading the assets.yml file and
stores all javascripts and stylesheets in memory for easy lookup
in templates.
self.assets_dir = assets_dir
self.assets = self.read_assets()
def read_assets(self):
Read the assets from the YAML and store it as a lookup dictionary.
filepath = os.path.join(self.assets_dir, self.ASSET_FILENAME)
f = open(filepath, 'r')
return yaml.load(
def render_tags(self, asset_type, asset_package):
Returns rendered <script> and <link> tags for the given package name. Will
either be a single tag or a list of tags as a string, depending on
`use_compressed_assets` profile setting.
tags = []
if not getattr(settings, 'DEBUG_ASSETS', settings.DEBUG):
if asset_type == 'javascripts':
asset_type_ext = 'js'
elif asset_type == 'stylesheets':
asset_type_ext = 'css'
if asset_type == 'javascripts':
tag = self.javascript_tag_compressed(asset_package, asset_type_ext)
elif asset_type == 'stylesheets':
tag = self.stylesheet_tag_compressed(asset_package, asset_type_ext)
patterns = self.assets[asset_type][asset_package]
for pattern in patterns:
paths = FileFinder.filefinder(pattern)
for path in paths:
if asset_type == 'javascripts':
tag = self.javascript_tag(path)
elif asset_type == 'stylesheets':
tag = self.stylesheet_tag(path)
tags = self.uniquify(tags)
return '\n'.join(tags)
def render_code(self, asset_type, asset_package):
text = []
patterns = self.assets[asset_type][asset_package]
for pattern in patterns:
paths = FileFinder.filefinder(pattern)
for path in paths:
newsblur_dir = settings.NEWSBLUR_DIR
abs_filename = os.path.join(newsblur_dir, path)
f = open(abs_filename, 'r')
code =
if asset_type == 'stylesheets':
code = code.replace('\"', '\\"').replace('\n', ' ')
return ''.join(text)
def uniquify(self, tags):
Returns a uniquified list of script/link tags, preserving order.
seen = set()
unique = []
for tag in tags:
if tag not in seen:
return unique
def javascript_tag(self, path):
return '<script src="/%s" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>' % path
def javascript_tag_compressed(self, asset_package, asset_type_ext):
filename = 'static/%s.%s' % (asset_package, asset_type_ext)
asset_mtime = int(os.path.getmtime(filename))
path = '%s?%s' % (filename, asset_mtime)
return self.javascript_tag(path)
def stylesheet_tag(self, path):
return '<link rel="stylesheet" href="/%s" type="text/css" charset="utf-8">' % path
def stylesheet_tag_compressed(self, asset_package, asset_type_ext):
datauri_filename = 'static/%s-datauri.%s' % (asset_package, asset_type_ext)
original_filename = 'static/%s.%s' % (asset_package, asset_type_ext)
asset_mtime = int(os.path.getmtime(datauri_filename))
datauri_path = '%s?%s' % (datauri_filename, asset_mtime)
original_path = '%s?%s' % (original_filename, asset_mtime)
return '\n'.join([
class FileFinder:
def filefinder(cls, pattern):
paths = []
if '**' in pattern:
folder, wild, pattern = pattern.partition('/**/')
for f in cls.recursive_find_files(folder, pattern):
folder, pattern = os.path.split(pattern)
for f in cls.find_files(folder, pattern):
# print f, paths
return paths
def recursive_find_files(cls, folder, pattern):
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(folder):
for f in files:
if fnmatch(f, pattern):
yield os.path.join(root, f)
def find_files(cls, folder, pattern):
listdir = os.listdir(folder)
for entry in listdir:
if not os.path.isdir(entry) and fnmatch(entry, pattern):
yield os.path.join(folder, entry)