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Latest commit d3a7a33 Jun 30, 2016 @samuelclay Merge branch 'master' into newsletters
* master: (59 commits)
  Handling twitter posting error.
  Fixing bug where closed story would show inline detail when switching b/w Text and Feed view.
  Temporarily locked = suspended on twitter.
  Adjusting flashing loading indicator to be less conspicuous.
  Handling validation of emails on api.
  Handling lxml parser errors for original text.
  Adding exception handling for twitter feeds.
  Switch to filter instead of opacity
  iOS: fixed #924 (losing story on lock)
  iOS: white flash fix
  iOS v6.0.3.
  Handling deletion of feeds in folders where the parent folder has hypens (which are stripped on iOS/mobile to handle flat).
  iOS: Fixed unread count issue when offline
  Fixing twitter status permalink.
  Handling YouTube playlists.
  Android v4.9.0.
  iOS: Eliminate duplicate URLs when sharing to Twitter, Facebook, Weibo and OmniFocus.
  Clean up activity handling, and fix sending to Reading List.
  Update Dockerfile
  Upgrading tweepy, hoping it fixes auth issues w/ twitter.
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