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This module implements a very fast JSON encoder/decoder for Python.

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation and is a text based lightweight
data exchange format which is easy for humans to read/write and for machines
to parse/generate. JSON is completely language independent and has multiple
implementations in most of the programming languages, making it ideal for
data exchange and storage.

The module is written in C and it is up to 250 times faster when compared to
the other python JSON implementations which are written directly in python.
This speed gain varies with the complexity of the data and the operation and
is the the range of 10-200 times for encoding operations and in the range of
100-250 times for decoding operations.

This module is an enhanced version of the original python-cjson 1.0.3.
Please send your comments regarding to this version to:
Viktor Ferenczi <cx@cx.hu>

New feature not in the original 1.0.3 release:

Encoder and decoder functions are extensible to allow conversion of objects
not in the official JSON specification, such as Date objects. Unicode and
character encoding related enhancements. Automatic conversion of dictionary
keys to strings (JSON requires string keys in objects). Extension now
compatible with the C compiler from Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003.