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.dict(skip_defaults=True) skips fields populated by alias #517

sommd opened this issue May 12, 2019 · 3 comments

.dict(skip_defaults=True) skips fields populated by alias #517

sommd opened this issue May 12, 2019 · 3 comments


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@sommd sommd commented May 12, 2019


For bugs/questions:

  • OS: Linux

  • Python version import sys; print(sys.version): 3.7.3 (default, Mar 26 2019, 21:43:19) [GCC 8.2.1 20181127]

  • Pydantic version import pydantic; print(pydantic.VERSION): 0.25

When using .dict(skip_defaults=True) with an aliased field, if that field was populated by the alias (i.e. Foo(alias_name=...) instead of Foo(field_name=...)) then it is always skipped. Happens with by_alias set to True and False as well.

from pydantic import BaseModel, Schema

class Foo(BaseModel):
    class Config:
        allow_population_by_alias = True
    a: int = Schema(1, alias="b")

# Correct
print(Foo())  # Foo a=1
print(Foo().dict(by_alias=False, skip_defaults=False))  # {'a': 1}
print(Foo().dict(by_alias=True, skip_defaults=False))  # {'b': 1}
print(Foo().dict(by_alias=False, skip_defaults=True))  # {}
print(Foo().dict(by_alias=True, skip_defaults=True))  # {}

# Correct
print(Foo(a=2))  # Foo a=2
print(Foo(a=2).dict(by_alias=False, skip_defaults=False))  # {'a': 2}
print(Foo(a=2).dict(by_alias=True, skip_defaults=False))  # {'b': 2}
print(Foo(a=2).dict(by_alias=False, skip_defaults=True))  # {'a': 2}
print(Foo(a=2).dict(by_alias=True, skip_defaults=True))  # {'b': 2}

# Correct
print(Foo(b=2))  # Foo a=2
print(Foo(b=2).dict(by_alias=False, skip_defaults=False))  # {'a': 2}
print(Foo(b=2).dict(by_alias=True, skip_defaults=False))  # {'b': 2}
# Incorrect
print(Foo(b=2).dict(by_alias=False, skip_defaults=True))  # {}
print(Foo(b=2).dict(by_alias=True, skip_defaults=True))  # {}
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@sommd sommd commented May 12, 2019

After looking into it a bit, it looks like .dict() get's the values of the set fields from __fields_set__. __fields_set__ doesn't contain the name of the field if it was set by the alias. E.g:

print(Foo().__values__)  # {'a': 1}
print(Foo().__fields_set__)  # set()
print(Foo(a=2).__values__)  # {'a': 2}
print(Foo(a=2).__fields_set__)  # {'a'}
print(Foo(b=2).__values__)  # {'a': 2}
print(Foo(b=2).__fields_set__)  # set()

Is the behaviour for __fields_set__ wrong or should .dict() be using something else to get the fields?

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@haizaar haizaar commented May 16, 2019

Just hit this one as well.

samuelcolvin added a commit that referenced this issue May 18, 2019
* Fix __fields_set__ not using alias field names (#517)

fix #517

* Update HISTORY.rst

* Fix single quotes

* Don't need to check allow_population_by_alias

* Calculate fields_set in validate_model instead

* Fix formatting

* Add breaking change to history

* Minor fixed to validate_mode

* Minor fixes to tests

* Add comments for names_used and fields_set in validate_model
tiangolo added a commit to tiangolo/pydantic that referenced this issue May 18, 2019
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@haizaar haizaar commented May 18, 2019

gangefors added a commit to gangefors/pydantic that referenced this issue May 31, 2019
* upstream/master: (138 commits)
  add 'none-any.whl' to pypi upload (samuelcolvin#564)
  update benchmarks (samuelcolvin#563)
  cython (samuelcolvin#548)
  Fix issue with unspecified generic type (samuelcolvin#554)
  Run dataclass' original __post_init__ before validation (samuelcolvin#560)
  try to stop annoying warnings in azure pipeline (samuelcolvin#549)
  azure pipeline failOnStderr: false
  Azure Pipelines - tests for windows (samuelcolvin#538)
  Fix JSON Schema for list, tuple, and set, improving interoperability (samuelcolvin#540)
  Colors (samuelcolvin#516)
  Fix to schema generation for IPv{4,6}{Address,Interface,Network} (samuelcolvin#532)
  Fix __fields_set__ not using alias field names (samuelcolvin#517) (samuelcolvin#518)
  Change return type hint for create_model (samuelcolvin#526)
  Tuple ellipsis (samuelcolvin#512)
  Fix to schema generation for IPvAny{Address,Interface,Network} (samuelcolvin#498) (samuelcolvin#510)
  Scheduled monthly dependency update for May (samuelcolvin#499)
  Implement const keyword in Schema. (samuelcolvin#469)
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