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Troogl - A new way to read the news 📰

Troogl is a browser extension that aims to improve the experience of reading news articles by providing you with interesting, real-time insights into articles as you read them (e.g. sentiment & subjectivity of sentences).


(Other browsers coming soon - sorry!)

How do I use it?

  1. Install the extension
  2. Visit any news article (try this)
  3. Explore the insights!

What can I do with Troogl?

Troogl currently provides insights into the sentiment and subjectivity of sentences within the article. Features include:

  • Colour-coded sentences based on sentiment / subjectivity.
  • A graph of changing sentiment / subjectivity over the course of the article.
  • Easy article navigation by jumping to points within the graph.
  • Full dashboard providing a summary and metrics (e.g. read time, keywords, etc.).

Enable / disable article detection

Troogl will automatically analyse a page if it detects that it contains a news article (using the Open Graph page type). Analysis can also be triggered manually via the plugin popup.

You can enable or disable this automatic analysis for certain sites (or for all sites) via the settings in the plugin popup.


Troogl doesn't store any data and only runs on the tab you're actively viewing.


Please keep in mind that this is just a fun, hacky project, so:

  • The metrics aren't super accurate right now.
  • It doesn't work perfectly on every site (struggles to parse sentences on BBC News, etc.).

Troogl - Real-time insights into the news articles you read | Product Hunt