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This project aims to provide a one-click^W command solution to running a hydra instance for development purposes. Thus the name, this is not a ready-to-use production environment, but a only a convenience thing.

This also aims to isolate the development environment maximally, and to ensure the end-user does not need to change any system setting.

This is mainly geared towards development on the web-facing parts of hydra.


Assume close to none. First, you're running your own development code! Then, this runs an UNPROTECTED database for convenience. Then, this defaults to the development runners, when possible.


  • nix, only tested under the 2.x nix series.


~ $ mkdir -p $HOME/Projects/hydra
~ $ cd $HOME/Projects/hydra
~/Projects/hydra $ git clone
~/Projects/hydra $ git clone
~/Projects/hydra $ cd hydra-in-a-bag
~/Projects/hydra/hydra-in-a-bag $ nix-shell --run init-database
~/Projects/hydra/hydra-in-a-bag $ nix-shell --run start

Then visit http://localhost:3000/