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Docker Image with Telegraf (StatsD), InfluxDB and Grafana

👊 Battle-tested



Warning, breaking change: upgrade from version 1.0.x of this image is not supported, all persisted data in volumes will be lost if you delete the container.

  • Docker Image: 2.3.0
  • Ubuntu: 18.04
  • InfluxDB: 1.7.10
  • Telegraf (StatsD): 1.13.3-1
  • Grafana: 6.6.2

Quick Start

To start the container the first time launch:

docker run --ulimit nofile=66000:66000 \
  -d \
  --name docker-statsd-influxdb-grafana \
  -p 3003:3003 \
  -p 3004:8888 \
  -p 8086:8086 \
  -p 8125:8125/udp \

You can replace latest with the desired version listed in changelog file.

To stop the container launch:

docker stop docker-statsd-influxdb-grafana

To start the container again launch:

docker start docker-statsd-influxdb-grafana

Mapped Ports

Host		Container		Service

3003		3003			grafana
3004		8888			influxdb-admin (chronograf)
8086		8086			influxdb
8125		8125			statsd


Open http://localhost:3003

Username: root
Password: root

Add data source on Grafana

  1. Using the wizard click on Add data source
  2. Choose a name for the source and flag it as Default
  3. Choose InfluxDB as type
  4. Choose direct as access
  5. Fill remaining fields as follows and click on Add without altering other fields
Url: http://localhost:8086
Database:	telegraf
User: telegraf
Password:	telegraf

Basic auth and credentials must be left unflagged. Proxy is not required.

Now you are ready to add your first dashboard and launch some query on database.


Web Interface

Open http://localhost:3004

Username: root
Password: root
Port: 8086

InfluxDB Shell (CLI)

  1. Attach to docker container, run shell /bin/bash
  2. Launch influx to open InfluxDB Shell (CLI)
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