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A hypermedia API media type
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Microforms is an early proposal for a structural, domain-agnostic hypermedia API media type designed to expose REST APIs.

Microforms intermingles domain-specific data and general-purpose hyperdata, enabling API clients to make decisions (e.g. create/delete/update a resource) without using out-of-band information (e.g. human readable documentation).

The JSON/JSON-LD notation is designed to allow data to be intermingled (but still be distinguishable, visually and programatically) with hyperdata and look (and behave) as similiar as possible to HTML:

  "@context": "",
  "@type": "Restaurant",
  "name": "Sam's place",
  "description": "Best food ever",
  "address": "1234 main street, mountain view, ca",

  "<form name='create' action='/create.php' method='POST'>": {
    "<label>": "Create new issues",
    "<label for='title'>": "The name of the issue",
    "<input name='title' required='true'>": {},
    "<label for='description'>": "The description of the issue",
    "<input name='description'>": {}

Microforms comes up a set of builtin hypermedia affordances available in a data type and a set of conventions that clients use for the programatic discovery, documentation, validation, execution (e.g. key management and quota management) of REST APIs.

You can learn more about microforms here.

We would love your feedback and participation here.

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