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Tracking ECMAScript Proposals
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ECMAScript proposals

Active proposals

Proposals follow this process document. This list contains only stage 1 proposals and higher that have not yet been withdrawn/rejected, or become finished.

🚀 Proposal Champion Stage
Function.prototype.toString revision Michael Ficarra 3
  global                                           Jordan Harband                     3
Rest/Spread Properties Sebastian Markbage 3
Asynchronous Iteration Domenic Denicola 3
import() Domenic Denicola 3
RegExp Lookbehind Assertions Daniel Ehrenberg 3
RegExp Unicode Property Escapes Brian Terlson, Daniel Ehrenberg, Mathias Bynens 3
RegExp named capture groups Daniel Ehrenberg, Brian Terlson 3
s (dotAll) flag for regular expressions Mathias Bynens, Brian Terlson 3
Legacy RegExp features in JavaScript Mark Miller, Claude Pache 3
Promise.prototype.finally Jordan Harband 3
BigInt Daniel Ehrenberg 3
Class Fields Daniel Ehrenberg, Jeff Morrison 3
Optional catch binding Michael Ficarra 3
function.sent metaproperty Allen Wirfs-Brock 2
String.prototype.{trimStart,trimEnd} Sebastian Markbage 2
Class and Property Decorators (update) Yehuda Katz and Brian Terlson 2
Intl.Segmenter Daniel Ehrenberg 2
import.meta Domenic Denicola 2
Intl.RelativeTimeFormat Zibi Braniecki, Daniel Ehrenberg 2
Numeric separators Sam Goto, Rick Waldron 2
export * as ns from "mod"; statements Ben Newman and John-David Dalton 2
Private methods and accessors Daniel Ehrenberg, Kevin Gibbons 2
Date.parse fallback semantics Morgan Phillips 1
export v from "mod"; statements Ben Newman and John-David Dalton 1
🚀 Observable Jafar Husain and Mark Miller 1
String#matchAll Jordan Harband 1
WeakRefs Dean Tribble 1
Frozen Realms Mark S. Miller, Chip Morningstar, Caridy Patiño 1
Math Extensions Rick Waldron 1
of and from on collection constructors Leo Balter 1
Generator arrow functions (=>*) Brendan Eich, Domenic Denicola 1
Promise.try Jordan Harband 1
Optional Chaining Gabriel Isenberg 1
Math.signbit: IEEE-754 sign bit JF Bastien 1
Error stacks Jordan Harband 1
do expressions Dave Herman 1
Realms Dave Herman, Mark Miller, Caridy Patiño 1
Temporal Maggie Pint, Brian Terlson 1
Float16 on TypedArrays, DataView, Math.hfround Leo Balter 1
Atomics.waitNonblocking Shu-yu Guo, Lars Hansen 1
Symbol.prototype.description Michael Ficarra 1
change Number.parseInt/parseFloat to not coerce null/undefined/NaN (repo link TBD) Brendan Eich 1
Array.prototype.flat{Map,ten} Brian Terlson, Michael Ficarra 1
Throw expressions Rob Buckton 1
Binary AST Shu-yu Guo 1

🚀 means the champion thinks it's ready to advance but has not yet presented to the committee.

Contributing new proposals

Please see Contributing to ECMAScript for the most up-to-date information on contributing proposals to this standard.

Onboarding existing proposals

Proposals that are Stage 1 and above must be transferred to the TC39 GitHub organization for discoverability and archival purposes. To onboard a proposal that lives outside the TC39 organization:

  1. Transfer your repository to @bterlson
  2. Email @bterlson at brian.terlson AT notifying me of the transfer (GitHub's transfer notification is not the most obvious thing and there's only a short window to accept the transfer)
  3. @bterlson will transfer your repository to the TC39 organization.

Note that as part of the onboarding process your repository name may be normalized. Don't worry, redirects will continue to work.

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