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This is a copy of the emacs.d/ setup I use for C/C++ development.

It installs the following packages from MELPA repository.

  • company-irony
  • company-irony-c-headers
  • company-jedi
  • counsel
  • doom-modeline
  • doom-themes
  • editorconfig
  • elpy
  • flycheck
  • ggtags
  • glsl-mode
  • irony
  • irony-eldoc
  • ivy
  • magit-gh-pulls
  • markdown-mode
  • multiple-cursors
  • pdf-tools
  • swiper
  • use-package
  • virtualenvwrapper
  • xcscope

Emacs screenshot


It needs some system packages to work:

  • markdown for compiling markdown files.
  • bear for creating compile_commands.json files which are consumed by irony.
  • clang used by irony.
  • GNU global used by ggtags.
  • exuberant-ctags used by ggtags.
  • cscope
  • python-jedi, python3-jedi, virtualenv for python.
$ sudo apt install markdown bear clang global exuberant-ctags cscope python-jedi python3-jedi virtualenv


To install it:

git clone .emacs.d/

And run emacs. It will automatically install everything.


There are some commands to run after emacs finished installing the packages:

M-x irony-install-server

M-x all-the-icons-install-fonts

M-x jedi-install-server