Sublime Text Syntax for Homebrew formulae (supporting the embedded diff)
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Sublime Text 2 and 3 Syntax for Homebrew formulae (supporting the embedded diff)

Homebrew ( formulae support inlined diffs after an __END__ keyword. Now, this Syntax desccription you see here, named "Homebrew Formula.tmLanguage", merges source.ruby with source.diff and if you have a decent color theme that knows how to highlight diffs, it will make Homebrew formulae more beautiful.

Ruby (.rb) files beginning with require 'formula' are automatically detected.

This tmLanguange here is simple enough - I wrote it directly in xml.



  • Updates to either source.ruby or source.diff are automatically used by this Syntax, too, because they are just included.
  • I copy/pasted (start|stop)foldingStopMarker from Ruby.tmLanguage.


  • Nothing. Do you have an idea? Let me know!



Public Domain. I don't care. Have fun.