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require 'formula'
# Avoid openblas downloading the LAPACK on demand.
# We want openblas to build LAPACK because it knows how to patch LAPACK,
# but we want to download, cache and checksum that!
class OpenblasLapack < Formula
url ''
sha1 '93a6e4e6639aaf00571d53a580ddc415416e868b'
class Openblas < Formula
homepage ''
# Maintainers, remember to update the LAPACK url in OpenblasLapack above.
# See the "LAPACK_URL" in the openblas Makefile for the right version.
url ''
sha1 'd3c17f7723a0a23022d8de1efcfcf4ace5a7d595'
head ""
# OS X provides the Accelerate.framework, which is a BLAS/LAPACK impl.
keg_only :provided_by_osx
# Currently superenv works only with setting FC to gfortran-4.7 from
# homebrew/dupes/gcc (`brew install gcc --enable-fortran`).
# It's (probably) a superenv-bug that openblas does currently not work with
# gfortran from `brew install gfortran`, therefore:
env :std unless ENV['FC']
def install
lapack =
lapack.brew{} # download and checksum
ohai "Using LAPACK: #{lapack.cached_download}"
inreplace 'Makefile',
# Must call in two steps
system "make", "FC=#{ENV['FC']}"
system "make", "PREFIX=#{prefix}", "install"