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Clean malicious code from text files in a directory.
Python Shell
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Text Janitor

A Python tool to clean text files. This tool was specifically developed to clean websites affected by the Location For Expert redirection attack (detailed here), however it can be used to clean any text from files by using a different regex pattern file.

N.B. This tool trips up on non-unicode files (or those encoded in a format which cannot be opened by Python). Therefore, it cannot guarantee a perfect clean.


usage: [-h] directory output_dir patterns

Clean malicious code from text files in a directory.

positional arguments:
directory   the directory containing the website
output_dir  the directory the edited files will be written to
patterns    file containing the regex patterns to remove

optional arguments:
-h, --help  show this help message and exit


python3 ~/website ~/website_clean location-for-expert.txt

Shell script

The included shell script can be used to modify files in place, using the patters.txt regex.

usage: ./ site_directory pattern_file


./clean_site ~/website patterns.txt
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