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Tomato Clock - Browser Extension

Node CI

Tomato Clock is a simple browser extension for managing your productivity. Use the extension to break down your work into 25 minute 'Tomato' intervals separated by short breaks. Use the long break after completing four Tomato intervals.


  • Customizable timer lengths
  • Browser notifications
  • Stat tracking

You can customize the length of the Tomatoes and breaks in the extension page. The extension uses the default browser notification system, accompanied by a sound, to let you know when the timer is over. The extension also features stats for tracking how many Tomatoes you complete. Your stats are synced across devices using the browser's cloud storage support.

Due to a trademark complaint, the extension was renamed from Pomodoro Clock to Tomato Clock.

Please file any issues or feature requests at



  1. Install node.js and npm.

  2. Install the required node modules:

npm install
  1. Run the following command so that webpack can watch and recompile the /src files live to the /dist folder:
npm run watch


To run the extension with live reloading in a clean Firefox instance, run the following command in a separate terminal:

npm run watch-firefox

To temporarily load the extension in a normal Firefox instance:

  1. Go to about:debugging
  2. Click Load Temporary Add-on
  3. Load the src folder


  1. Go to chrome://extensions/
  2. Enable developer mode
  3. Click Load unpacked extension...
  4. Load the /dist folder

Updating the version number

Run the following command with the appropriate npm version {patch/minor/major} to bump the package.json version based on semver:

npm version patch && git push && git push --tags

Building submission file

Run the following command so that webpack can recompile the /src files in production mode to the /dist folder:

npm run build

States export json format

The expected formatting of Tomato Clock's .json files is as follows

  { "timeout": 1500000, "type": "tomato", "date": "2020-08-29T18:07:55.895Z" },
  { "timeout": 300000, "type": "shortBreak", "date": "2022-04-13T04:13:37.406Z" },
  { "timeout": 900000, "type": "longBreak", "date": "2022-04-13T04:13:40.030Z" },
  { "timeout": 1500000, "type": "tomato", "date": "2022-04-13T04:13:45.182Z" }
  • At the base, there is an array [] of objects {}
  • Each object {} is an instance of the clock timer.
  • Within each object:
    • "timeout": is the time in milliseconds of the timer
    • "type": is one of "tomato", "shortBreak", or "longBreak"
    • "date": is the exact date and time string in the ISOString format