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* Repository class represents the entry point into the content repository.
* @author
* @version 1.0
class Repository {
* Authenticates the user using the supplied credentials.
* If workspace is recognized as the name of an existing workspace in the repository and authorization to access that workspace is granted, then a new Session object is returned.
* If authentication or authorization for the specified workspace fails, a LoginException is thrown.
* If workspace is not recognized, a NoSuchWorkspaceException is thrown.
* @param Credentials $credentials the credentials of the user.
* @param string $workspace the name of the workspace.
* @return Session a valid session for the user to access the repository.
public static function login(Credentials $credentials, $workspace) {
if (!file_exists($_SERVER['PCR'] . "/config/$workspace.xml")) {
throw new NoSuchWorkspaceException($workspace);
$config = simplexml_load_file($_SERVER['PCR'] . "/config/$workspace.xml");
$persistenceManager = (string) $config->persistenceManager;
if (!file_exists($_SERVER['PCR'] . "/PMs/$persistenceManager.php")) {
throw new RepositoryException("persistence manager does not exist for workspace: $workspace=>$persistenceManager");
require_once $_SERVER['PCR'] . "/PMs/$persistenceManager.php";
$pm = new $persistenceManager($credentials, $workspace, $config);
if (!$pm->isLive()) {
throw new LoginException("workspace=>$workspace, persistenceManager=>$persistenceManager, userID=>" . $credentials->getUserID());
Log4PCR::access("workspace=>$workspace, persistenceManager=>$persistenceManager, userID=>" . $credentials->getUserID());
return new Session($pm);