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purple-docker: A libpurple protocol plugin for your Docker containers
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purple-docker: A libpurple protocol plugin for your Docker containers

Haven't you always wanted to chat with your containers? Now, with purple-docker, you can!


purple-docker implements a protocol plugin (prpl) that tracks running Docker containers in your buddy list and presents STDIO via the chat interface.

This is a terrible idea


Why would you even do that?

This is a toy project because I wanted to learn more about CGo and building shared libraries.

What does it do?

Maybe some screenshots would help?

buddy list


How do I install it?

Make sure you've got the libpurple-dev package installed (or at least have the headers in a place that pkg-config can find), then:

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
make localinstall

You can then launch a libpurple chat client (like pidgin) and set up an account with the purple-docker protocol.

How do I use it?

Run a libpurple chat program (like Pidgin) and create a new account with the "Docker (purple-docker)" protocol. Enable the account, and then start creating containers. (Note: purple-docker currently only supports interactive containers and attaches to STDIO.)

The images above were created with a container launched by running docker run -d -i busybox.


We got 'em! Feel free to open an issue, but also feel free to fix the bugs and send a pull request. This is not a serious project, so bugs may not get fixed otherwise.


Yes, please!

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