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A webapp that sends messages to my pager
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A sinatra application for sending messages to my pager

This has a fairly specific use case. I very much doubt that it will be of use to anyone :-)

The app presents a simple text input field where a message can be entered. Messages submitted through the form are fed into Vodafone's online pager portal using Mechanize. Notifications are sent to Pushover and an IFTTT trigger is called. I have the IFTTT trigger configured to log the details of the incoming message to a Google sheet.

Running it

This is designed to run on Heroku and can be run locally using heroku local.

The app requires some environment variables to be configured:

  • PAGER_NUMBER The number that you want to page (this must be a Vodafone UK contract pager)
  • PUSHOVER_USER_KEY Your Pushover user key
  • PUSHOVER_APP_TOKEN Your Pushover app token
  • IFTTT_MAKER_KEY Your IFTTT Maker key

Set these for the Heroku app using heroku config:set and locally by adding them to a .env file.

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