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A nifty chrome extension that provides summaries of web pages
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Summarize Me

Maintainer: Samuel Lam

A nifty Chrome Extension that provides a summary of the current web page or user selected text through a (right-click) context menu action.


Browser Action Browser Action

Context Menu Context Menu


Summarize Me uses the Text Summarization API to extract and summarize important text from a URL or user selected text. Text Summarization uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies to process text.

This chrome extension also dabbles with IBM Watson Developer Cloud to provide sentiment analysis of the current page.

Test Chrome Extension

To load Summarize Me, run npm install, go to chrome://extensions, enable Developer mode and load the app as an unpacked extension. Note: you will need to register and use your own API key from Mashape.

To experiment with the Alchemy API, run npm start to start the server.


External contributions in the form of feedback, bug reports or pull requests are always welcome!

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