Go libraries for scientific computing
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Awesome Scientific Go

Go (Golang) libraries for scientific computing.

This list is focused on libraries that are not (yet) included in Awesome Go/Science and Data Analysis for one reason or another.

Field-specific projects


  • biogo - A bioinformatics library in Go
  • gobio - Miscellaneous script-like stuff in Go for Bioinformatics
  • mendelics/vcf - A Variant Call Format parser


  • goChem - A library for computational chemistry (cheminformatics)


  • go-hep - Go-based software for the High Energy Physics community

Generic algorithmic libraries

  • gonum - Numerical computing in Go

Interactive tools

Infrastructure tools

  • Antha - A high-level language for biology (lab) experiments
  • Automi - Composable Stream Processing on top of Go Channels
  • Glow - An easy-to-use distributed computation system similar to Hadoop Map Reduce, Spark, Flink, Storm, etc.
  • GoFlow - Flow-based programming library in Go
  • Pachyderm - Containerized Data lake / Data analytics platform
  • SciPipe - A scientific workflow library written in Go

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