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This is the version of the MindControl software as of journal article…
… submssion.


This commit introduced a serious flaw. The calibration system was cro…
…pping the image from the camera differnetly then the rest of the program. This means that after calibration, the DLP pointed 127 pixels off.


Tested on shmutz. Ready for live worms.


This version is fully functional with the new FrameGrabber without an…
…y calibration system.


Tested on Desk. PhotonFocus camera and BitFlow SDK integration.
Can achieve >70fps if you don't write out any data to disk.
Can achieve >50fps if you write out data to disk.


This is the first version that transofrms the worm's features from ca…
…mera space to DLP space instead and THEN generates the illumination pattern. Prior versions had inefficently transformed the entire illumination IMAGE instead of just features. This speeds up the analysis significantly.


Can read in protocols of arbitrary polygons and use those.


This version now has a fully functional simulation mode and seperate …
…simulation executable.

The idea is that it is nice to be able to run the same code independant of the DLP or the camera.

This allows you to do that, using either the main executable:
ClosedLoop.exe or a new executable that is compiled without hardware specific libraries called Simulate.exe

Using either executable, one can run the software with a movie file as input using the -i switch and can simulate the existance ofa  DLP using the -s switch.

If the Simulate.exe software is not given either of these switches and is asked to talk to the Camera or the DLP, it will gracefully complain and exit.


Tested. Runs.
Time profile to microsecond precision.
Decomp'ed code.
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