Android app, integration of iBeacons for museums
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SNG Beacon

Android application allowing visitors of museum to receive information about artwork just by coming near to exhibit with their phone (~2m). Solution is build with Estimote beacons and requires phone to have Bluetooth Low Energy (version 4.0) to function.

SNG Beacon is one of winning projects created during two days with help of Matej Hlavačka for SNG hackathon

Additional Info

Project was built with Gradle inside Android Studio. Settings of home grid artworks can be found inside, SNG API is not yet providing thumbnails for artwork pictures that's why they are for now statically stored inside resources folder and hardcode linked in home grid MyAdapter.

App has built in beacon debug interface, to access it press top right overflow button in menu and select debug option. After selecting beacon you can change its MINOR (usefull when having limited number of beacons).

artwork screenshot