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FriBID stable repo
C C++ JavaScript Shell SystemVerilog
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Latest commit 856b00c @samuellb Fix build failure on ARM64
Thanks to Edmund Grimley Evans.
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client free(origin) also when there's an error
common Release version 1.0.4
doc Add a config option to dump retrieved certificates on error
npapi Fix build failure on ARM64
plugin Rename strndup to f_strndup
tests Accept but ignore OnlyAcceptMRU parameter
tools Change my e-mail
translations Show an error message when certificate retreival fails
CHANGELOG Release version 1.0.4
INSTALL How to INSTALL with GTK 3 under Debian/Ubuntu
LICENSE Update copyright year in LICENSE file
Makefile Change my e-mail
configure Fix non-zero return from ./configure --internal--list-extra-objects
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