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SlideSlope consists of two shell scripts to download presentations from
slideshare, and convert them to a series of .png files.

It requires wget and gnash. I've only tested it under Ubuntu Linux
but I think it should work under most Linux/BSD distributions. Maybe
also under OSX or Windows with Cygwin, if you're really lucky :)

Patches are welcome. Send them to or make a pull request
on GitHub:

Sometimes the resulting .png files get very small. Use "file *" to look
for such files and run swfs2png again in a separate directory until you
have all slides.


Download the .swf files:


Convert them to .png:

  ./swfs2png something-123-bla456-slide-

The parameter should be the common beginning of the names of the downloaded
.swf files, up to but not including the slide number. If you use Bash as
your shell you can just press <tab> and it will autocomplete the common
beginning of the file names.