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Watch streaming media with friends.

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  • Supports Chromium and Firefox browsers.
  • Synchronized playback of streaming media across various websites.
  • Public, private, and offline sessions.
  • Support for WebRTC peer-to-peer connections.
  • Real-time chat.
  • Collaborative media queue.
  • Timestamp cue points parsed from media description.
  • Auto-fullscreen of embedded media.
  • Per-user playback permissions, managed by the host.
  • Basic host administrative functionality (kicking peers).
  • Localization—see info on contributing.

Are you a website owner?

Easily add watch party support to your website by redirecting the user to Metastream.

<a href="">Watch in Metastream</a>


  • Add localization (#5)
  • Improve networking reliability (#74)
  • Port Metastream from Electron to a web app (#94)
  • Improve UX and stability
  • Add favorites/bookmarks (#21)
  • Add playlists
  • Add audio mode (#22)

Have a feature in mind? Make a request by creating a GitHub issue.





How to Contribute

Get the code

Requires Yarn for monorepo workspaces.

git clone
cd metastream

Start the dev server

Creates a development web server accessible from http://localhost:8080

cd packages/metastream-signal-server
yarn build
cd ../packages/metastream-app
yarn start

Build the web app

Produces the web app build which gets deployed to

cd packages/metastream-app
yarn build

Legacy desktop app

Metastream used to be an Electron desktop application until development was stopped due to roadblocks in acquiring a Widevine license. The latest version can be found on the GitHub releases page. Please note that the legacy app is insecure and not recommended.