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πŸ“˜ Simple and secure journal app
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Mini Diary

Simple and secure journal app Screenshot


Features and download links can be found on the website:



The application is built with Electron and React. To run or build the app yourself, you'll need to have Node.js and Yarn installed.

Running the app

  1. Clone this repository: git clone REPO_URL
  2. Navigate into the project directory: cd mini-diary
  3. Install the dependencies: yarn
  4. Run the app: yarn start

Building the app

After cloning the repo and installing the dependencies, run yarn build. The packaged app can be found in the dist folder.


Features and Bugs

Suggestions and contributions are always welcome! Please first discuss changes via issue before submitting a pull request.

Adding missing translations

The list of all English strings can be found in en.ts. If there are translations missing for your language and you'd like to help with the translation, you can add the translated strings to your language's file in src/main/i18n/translations and submit a PR.

Adding a new language

If the app isn't translated into your language yet and you'd like to help out, you can easily add translations with the following steps:

  1. The translation files can be found in src/main/i18n/translations. Duplicate the en.ts file as [LANG].ts, where [LANG] is the shortcode of your language.
  2. In the file you just created, replace the English translations with your own.
  3. Import your file in the ALL_TRANSLATIONS object in src/main/i18n/i18n.ts.
  4. Add your language shortcode to the electronLanguages array in package.json.
  5. Run the app in your language (see the steps above) and make sure that the translations fit into the app (e.g. that they aren't too long for input fields).
  6. Submit a PR. Thanks for your help!
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