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🎨 A simple, dark theme for rEFInd
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rEFInd Dark Theme

A simple, dark theme for the rEFInd boot manager.



  1. Mount your EFI partition (macOS: sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes)
  2. Open the rEFInd directory (macOS: cd /Volumes/EFI/rEFInd)
  3. Create the folder themes if it doesn't already exist
  4. Clone this repository into the themes folder
  5. Activate the theme by adding include themes/refind-theme-dark/theme.conf to the refind.conf file


If you have a request for a new icon, please either follow the steps below (you'll need Affinity Designer) or create an issue with an URL to the icon (in SVG format).

  1. Add the SVG file of the new icon to icons/originals
  2. Add the source of the file to icons/sources.txt
  3. Using Affinity Designer, create a new artboard for the icon in icons/icons.afdesign and export it as a PNG file to icons/output
  4. Create a PR


This theme was inspired by the Minimal and Ambience themes for rEFInd.

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