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Docker container sutupo for Ymple Ecommerce projects
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This repository contains a docker file to the YMPLE Ecommerce project.

YMPLE Docker container

Here you can find a Dockerfile to create a container with the latest version of YMPLE Ecommerce project.

This repository contains an extra docker-compose file for run YMPLE container with MongoDB dependence and externals volumes.

This docker image contains local MongoDB inspired in mvertes image. Thanks for that! =}

1. Requirements

  • Docker

2. Build and run

2.1. Build

Pull any MongoDB image and create the MongoDB container.

Inside the project folder run:

docker build -t ymple:1.0.0 .

This will create the YMPLE image for docker: ymple:1.0.0

To check if docker image was created run:

docker images

This command will print somwthing like this:

ymple       1.0.0  3c6a5a0ad071  2 minutes ago  90.2MB

2.2. Run

Run the YMPLE container using the created image and set host port to be mapped to container

docker run -d --name ymple -p 1338:1338 ymple:1.0.0

Check if container is running:

docker ps

This command maybe will print something like this:

CONTAINER ID  IMAGE        COMMAND                 CREATED         STATUS        PORTS                   NAMES
db4cbcbcd99e  ymple:1.0.0  "docker-entrypoint.s…"  28 seconds ago  Up 6 seconds>1338/tcp  ymple


Remember to run a MongoBD container to use it with ymple container. YMPLE uses MongoDB! =}

docker ps
CONTAINER ID  IMAGE                        COMMAND                 CREATED        STATUS        PORTS                                NAMES
27f712af99e2  ymple:1.0.0                  "docker-entrypoint.s…"  3 minutes ago  Up 2 minutes>1338/tcp               ymple
324cbdec9407  mvertes/alpine-mongo:latest  "/root/ mongod…"  3 minutes ago  Up 3 minutes>27017/tcp, 28017/tcp  mongodb

3. Use docker-compose to build and run

For preference use docker-compose to build and run YMPLE. This will create the network and the MongoDB container.

This is the easy way to get the YMPLE running.

3.1. Build

docker-compose build

3.2. Run

docker-compose up -d

4. Access

  1. To finish intallation access the URL: http://localhost:1338/install in yout machine or in your server the host name and the mapped port
  2. Access frontend http://localhost:1338
  3. Access backend http://localhost:1338/admin using the login and password admin

That's all folks !

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