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FUNCT some shitty specs for call history

We definitely need an ADT for this
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commit ed755006a01880327dd19168fdaad1779e11d6e6 1 parent 0c38e52
@samuelrivas authored
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4 src/moka.erl
@@ -49,8 +49,10 @@
-opaque moka() :: atom().
--type history_entry() :: {funct_spec(), Args::[any()], Return::any()}.
+-type history_entry() :: {funct_spec(), Args::[any()], Result::result()}.
+-type result() :: Return::any() | {exception, class(), Reason::any()}.
-type funct_spec() :: {Module::module(), FunctionName::atom()}.
+-type class() :: throw | exit | error.
-type history() :: [history_entry()].
%% History entries are sorted chronologically, oldest first
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