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Added marker id's in the snmpc(command) to allow linking

top specific compiler options. Updated release notes
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@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@
<p>[compiler] Added the option
<seealso marker="snmpc#compile">warnings_as_errors</seealso>
(for the SNMP MIB compiler (escript) frontend, the option
- <seealso marker="snmpc(command)">--wae</seealso> is used)
+ <seealso marker="snmpc(command)#option_wae">--wae</seealso> is used)
which specifies whether warnings should be treated as errors. </p>
<p>Tuncer Ayaz</p>
<p>Own Id: OTP-9437</p>
@@ -50,6 +50,8 @@
with definitions of Erlang constants for the objects in
the MIB, see
<seealso marker="snmpc#mib_to_hrl">mib_to_hrl/1</seealso>. </p>
+ <marker id="options"></marker>
@@ -58,34 +60,47 @@
<title>Compiler options</title>
<p>The following options are supported (note that most of these relate
to the compilation of the MIB file):</p>
+ <marker id="option_help"></marker>
<p>Prints help info.</p>
+ <marker id="option_version"></marker>
<p>Prints application and mib format version.</p>
+ <marker id="option_verbosity"></marker>
<tag>--verbosity <em>verbosity</em></tag>
<p>Print debug info. </p>
<p><c>verbosity</c> = <c>trace</c> | <c>debug</c> | <c>log</c> | <c>info</c> | <c>silence</c></p>
<p>Defaults to <c>silence</c>.</p>
+ <marker id="option_warnings"></marker>
<p>Print warning messages. </p>
+ <marker id="option_wae"></marker>
+ </item>
+ <tag>--wae</tag>
+ <item>
+ <p>Warnings as errors.
+ Indicates that warnings shall be treated as errors. </p>
+ <marker id="option_odir"></marker>
<tag>--o <em>directory</em></tag>
<p>The directory where the compiler should place the output files.
If not specified, output files will be placed in the current working
+ <marker id="option_idir"></marker>
<tag>--i <em>Directory</em></tag>
@@ -94,6 +109,7 @@
By default, the current working directory is always included. </p>
<p>This option can be present several times, each time specifying
<em>one</em> path. </p>
+ <marker id="option_ildir"></marker>
<tag>--il <em>Directory</em></tag>
@@ -106,6 +122,7 @@
the current version may be in the system). The current directory
and the "snmp-home"/priv/mibs/ are always listed last in the
include path. </p>
+ <marker id="option_sgc"></marker>
@@ -114,49 +131,58 @@
group check of the mib compiler.
That is, should the OBJECT-GROUP and the NOTIFICATION-GROUP
macro(s) be checked for correctness or not. </p>
+ <marker id="option_dep"></marker>
<p>Keep deprecated definition(s).
If not specified the compiler will ignore deprecated definitions. </p>
+ <marker id="option_desc"></marker>
<p>The DESCRIPTION field will be included. </p>
+ <marker id="option_ref"></marker>
<p>The REFERENCE field will be included. </p>
+ <marker id="option_imp"></marker>
<p>The IMPORTS field will be included. </p>
+ <marker id="option_mi"></marker>
<p>The MODULE-IDENTITY field will be included. </p>
+ <marker id="option_mc"></marker>
<p>The MODULE-COMPLIANCE field will be included. </p>
+ <marker id="option_ac"></marker>
<p>The AGENT-CAPABILITIES field will be included. </p>
+ <marker id="option_mod"></marker>
<tag>--mod <em>module</em></tag>
<p>The module which implements all the instrumentation functions. </p>
<p>The name of all instrumentation functions must be the
same as the corresponding managed object it implements. </p>
+ <marker id="option_nd"></marker>
@@ -165,6 +191,7 @@
used if a managed object have no instrumentation function.
Instead this will be reported as an error, and the compilation
aborts. </p>
+ <marker id="option_rrnac"></marker>
@@ -176,11 +203,7 @@
This means that the error will be converted to a warning. </p>
<p>By default it is not included, but if this option is present
it will be. </p>
- </item>
- <tag>--wae</tag>
- <item>
- <p>Warnings as errors. Indicates that warnings shall be treated as errors. </p>
+ <marker id="see_also"></marker>

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