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Raspberry Pi CEC server add-on

Starting from HomeAssistant 2021.7.0, the CEC libraries included in HomeAssistant do no longer support CEC interfaces that are not included in the Linux kernel itself. Therefore, it is no longer possible to control the HDMI-CEC bus through the hdmi-cec integration alone.

However, the hdmi-cec integration supports talking to an HDMI-CEC device over a TCP socket. This add-on launches a HDMI-CEC server which supports the Raspberry Pi hardware interface.


After enabling this add-on and configuring it to automatically start, one can use the following in HomeAssistant configuration.yaml:

  host: 58c14403-pi-cec

and restart HomeAssistant. You should then be able to control your HDMI-CEC devices with the integration commands.


For the curious, 58c14403 is the SHA-1 hash of the string and is computed from the repository name by HomeAssistant.

The icon is part of iconscount display icon collection.

RPI GPU Memory

The libraries that pycec uses require there be 128M of memory allocatd to the GPU - if you see any strange assertions in the logs, use raspi-config to change that value.