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ILDA decoder

ILDA IDTF (image data transfer format) is the de-factor standard for describing laser shows. It has been written by the International Laser Display Association and is available from their ILDA Technical Standards page.

This library implements a pull-mode ILDA decoder which does not do any dynamic allocation and is suitable for embedded systems.


This library does not depend on anything by itself (just add the ilda-decoder.h and ilda-decoder.c files in your project).

However, if you want to build the utility programs, you will need a recent meson, as well as the SDL2 library if you want to build the ilda-display renderer.


This library is released under a dual MIT/Apache 2.0 license.

Building and installing on a non-embedded system

To build and test the library and executables, use:

$ mkdir _build
$ cd _build
$ meson setup --opt 3 ..
$ ninja

To install it, add:

$ sudo ninja install

Please refer to the Meson documentation if you want to configure the build process or the installation paths.