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Docker, Ubuntu 14.04 and CRON.
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This repository holds all files needed to create a Docker container based on Ubuntu 14.04, that can run CRON jobs as a non-privileged user.

Creating a Linux container to run CRON jobs is straightforward, with information here and here. However, per Docker's best practices, configuring the container to run CRON jobs as a non-privileged user is more challenging.

The project assumes Docker is properly configured/installed on the user's system, with "$ docker -v" functioning properly from the command line.

These files show how to create a Docker container with:

  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • All updates/upgrades/cron installed.
  • Jobs/startup scripts properly configured/copied.
  • New, non-privileged user added with single sudoers entry to run cron.
  • A single job, running every minute and writing to a log file.


* Docker Versions 17.03.1-ce


Useful commands are shown in the comments section at the top of "./Dockerfile".
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