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minor update to the JS so that it renders in firefox. not sure if thi…

…s breaks other browsers
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1 parent 8652ad5 commit df93add58ae19367b0b8327f42c555b63f11fa7d @samurai committed Apr 3, 2013
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  1. +3 −1 airship/static/airship.js
@@ -112,7 +112,9 @@ var GrefMenuItem = Backbone.View.extend({
select: function() {
var active_el = this.el;
- $(this.el.parentElement.children).removeClass("active");
+// $(this.el.parentElement.children).removeClass("active");
+// Swapped the above out for the below... this fixes firefox UI issues, not sure if it breaks others.
+ $(this.el.children).removeClass("active");
rendered_gref.url = this.getUrl();
success: function(model, response, options) {

3 comments on commit df93add

richo commented on df93add Apr 3, 2013

The comment would be better off in the commit message. Commit messages are forever, source comments are transient.


samurai replied Apr 3, 2013

It is :)


samurai replied Apr 7, 2013

I've done some testing (basic), but I believe this fix should be cross-compatible with most browsers (whatever version of IE I currently have running tho doesn't like it tho ...)

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