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1 parent 643de4a commit b16bbc470c3a2c7f0d81699a009cfe8ad71b8c55 @samurai committed Jun 14, 2012
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@@ -25,19 +25,31 @@ notes text,
code text
-CREATE TABLE battle_results (
+CREATE TABLE battle (
-battle_time integer
+rounds integer default 1,
+core_size integer default 8000,
+tie_cycles integer default 80000,
+max_size integer default 100,
+min_distance integer default 0,
+battle_time integer,
--- need to suss out how to track the win/loss/draw along with what players/bots are involved
--- also need a way to track pmars config
-CREATE TABLE player_has_battle (
+CREATE TABLE battle_has_warrior (
+battleid integer,
+warriorid integer,
+position integer, -- to indicate what order the bots go in, this is 1-based, rather than zero
+CREATE TABLE battle_has_result (
-playerid integer,
-playernumber integer, -- this one will track which order the players started in, allowing for more than 2 player matches?
-gameid integer,
-botid integer
+battleid integer,
+warriorid integer,
+score integer, -- value computed by pmars for overall effectiveness of all rounds, useless tho without the other infos
+win integer,
+draw integer,
+loss integer

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samurai replied Jun 14, 2012

somehow my commit message got omitted? =
These are updates to the concept schema for tracking the battles

Trololol. BTW, git lets you rewrite commit messages :)

(Assuming you don't mind rewriting history and breaking it for anyone else who's based work on this commit or it's children)

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