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A simple library for signing strings and objects.


First, you'll need a private key. You can generate one using OpenSSL simply:

openssl genrsa -out my-private.pem 4096

The size of the private key will determine how large the signature strings are. It's up to you how many bits of encryption you want, but for keys and short-lived keys, (such as cookies, access tokens, etc) I use 512 bits (or even 256).

If you put the private key into your .jar resources (using :resources-path in your project.clj) then all you need to do to sign an object is this:

(ns my.ns
  (:require [steamboat.signing :as signing]))

(signing/with-keypair-resource "my-private.pem"
  (signing/dumps {"key" "value}))

dumps returns the serialized object and the signature. This can be placed in a cookie, or whatever.

To load it back, use loads:

(ns my.ns
  (:require [steamboat.signing :as signing]))

(signing/with-keypair-resource "my-private.pem"
  (signing/loads (some-theoretical-function-which-returns-the-original-value)))

loads will return the deserialized object if it was not tampered with, otherwise it will throw an exception.


This library is built on top of BouncyCastle and the standard java Security libraries. However, it's implementation MAY be flawed (i.e. insecure), as I have not had anyone review the code for security holes.