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@@ -80,6 +80,7 @@ <h3>Recent Commits</h3>
<li>Simplified feedback interface</li>
<p>pyapns is an APNS provider that you install on your server and access through XML-RPC. To install you will need Python, <a href="">Twisted</a> and <a href="">pyOpenSSL</a>. It's also recommended to install <a href="">python-epoll</a> for best performance (if epoll is not available, like on Mac OS X, you may want to use another library, like <a href="">py-kqueue</a>). If you like easy_install try (it should take care of the dependancies for you):</p>
<pre class="prettyprint lang-bsh"><code>$ sudo easy_install pyapns
@@ -127,19 +128,21 @@ <h3>Retrieving Inactive Tokens</h3>
<p>Call <code>feedback</code> with the <code>app_id</code>. A list of tuples will be retrieved from the APNS server that it deems inactive. These are returned as a list of 2-element lists with a <code>Datetime</code> object and the token string.</p>
-<h3>XML-RPC Methods</h3>
+<h2>XML-RPC Methods</h2>
<p>These methods can be called on the server you started the server on. Be sure you are not including <code>/RPC2</code> in the URL.</p>
<pre class="ignore"><code> Arguments
app_id String the application id for the provided
cert String a path to a .pem file or the a
string with the entie file
environment String the APNS server to use - either
- 'production' or 'sandbox'
+ 'production' or 'sandbox
+ timeout Integer timeout for connection attempts to
+ the APS servers'
@@ -154,8 +157,6 @@ <h3><code>notify</code></h3>
notifications Str/Arr an Array of notification
dictionaries or a single
notification dictionary
- timeout Integer timeout for connection attempts to
- the APS servers
@@ -171,7 +172,7 @@ <h3><code>feedback</code></h3>
Array(Array(Datetime(time_expired), String(token)), ...)
-<h3>The Python API</h3>
+<h2>The Python API</h2>
<p>pyapns also provides a Python API that makes the use of pyapns even simpler. The Python API must be configured before use but configuration files make it easier. The pyapns <code>client</code> module currently supports configuration from Django settings and Pylons config. To configure using Django, the following must be present in your settings file:</p>

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