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Typo fix and clone clarification in readme.

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1 parent c9ea459 commit 13afbbd7217aed4abfa60f0ba59d43192f5324e7 @markrickert markrickert committed Feb 23, 2012
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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ An incomplete open source and interesting take on an iPad client for reddit.
It is licensed under the Apache Software License Version 2.0.
I am accepting pull requests. If the client ever comes to a complete state
-I will releaes it for free on the App Store under the AlterTap account. No
+I will release it for free on the App Store under the AlterTap account. No
profits will be made by me. This is entirely a community effort.
Building it:
@@ -15,10 +15,9 @@ Building it:
It's really simple. You just need Xcode. Clone the repository somewhere and,
open Readdit/Readdit.xcodeproj and run in the simulator to get started quickly.
-You'll probably have to get the submodules (they are stored in Readdit/Lib):
+The easiest way to clone the repository and get all the required submodules is to:
- $ git submodule init
- $ git submodule update
+```git clone --recursive git://```
What does it do? (so far)

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