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d55dbc1 @samus Initial release on GitHub
1 MongoDB-CSharp
2 ==============
3 This is a preliminary release of a driver to connect to MongoDB using .Net. It is written entirely in C# and has been tested and developed under both Windows and Mono 2.0 (Ubuntu 32-bit 9.04). Currently only basic features have been implemented. The api is very likely to change and be in flux for a while. There are many features to be added and refined.
5 Current Features
6 ================
7 - Connect to a server.
8 - Query
9 - Insert
10 - Update
11 - Delete
12 - Many BSON types supported
13 - Isolation and conversion between BSON types and native .net types.
14 - Database, Collection and Cursor objects.
0bbb2cc Removed an unnecesary file.
Samuel Corder authored
15 - Index handling routines (List, Create, Drop)
d55dbc1 @samus Initial release on GitHub
17 Missing Features
18 ================
19 - Paired connections
20 - Auto reconnect options
21 - Connection pooling
22 - Authentication
23 - Several BSON Types (easy to add)
24 - Database commands (can send queries to $cmd if necessary)
25 - Exceptions
26 - hint, explain, count, $where
27 - database profiling: set/get profiling level, get profiling info
28 - GridFS support
29 - Many unit tests
31 Installation
32 ============
33 Currently using the driver in the GAC is not supported. Simply copy the driver assembly somewhere and reference it in your project. It should be deployed in your application's bin directory. It is not necessary to use the test assembly.
35 Patches
36 =======
37 Patches are welcome and will likely be accepted. By submitting a patch you assign the copyright to me, Sam Corder. This is necessary to simplify the number of copyright holders should it become necessary that the copyright need to be reassigned or the code relicensed. The code will always be available under an OSI approved license.
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