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using System;
using System.Configuration;
using MongoDB.Driver;
namespace Simple
/// <summary>
/// Illustrates some simple operations on the database.
/// Creating a database connection.
/// Remove some documents.
/// Insert some documents
/// Find one document
/// Find several documents and iterate through them.
/// </summary>
class MainClass
Mongo mongo;
Database simple;
IMongoCollection categories;
public static void Main (string[] args){
MainClass main = new MainClass();
/// <summary>
/// Setup the collection and insert some data into it.
/// </summary>
public void Setup(){
string connstr = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["simple"];
if(String.IsNullOrEmpty(connstr)) throw new ArgumentNullException("Connection string not found.");
mongo = new Mongo(connstr);
simple = mongo["simple"];
categories = simple["categories"];
var names = new string[]{"Bluez", "Jazz", "Classical", "Rock", "Oldies", "Heavy Metal"};
foreach(string name in names){
categories.Insert(new Document(){{"name", name}});
public void Clean(){
categories.Delete(new Document(){{"name", "Jazz"}}); //remove documents with the name Jazz.
categories.Delete(new Document()); //remove everything from the categories collection.
public void Run(){
var category = categories.FindOne(new Document { { "name", "Bluez" } });
Console.WriteLine ("The id findOne" + category["_id"]);
Document selector = new Document(){{"_id", category["_id"]}};
category["name"] = "Bluess";
//The following will do the same thing.
Console.WriteLine("Category after one update " + categories.FindOne(selector).ToString());
category["name"] = "Blues";
categories.Update(category, selector);
Console.WriteLine("Category after two updates " + categories.FindOne(selector).ToString());
//Find it by _id that has been converted to a string now.
string id = ((Oid)category["_id"]).ToString();
Console.WriteLine("Found by string id converted back to Oid");
Console.WriteLine(categories.FindOne(new Document(){{"_id", id.ToOid()}}));
//Find(new Document()) is equivalent to FindAll();
//Specifying the cursor in a using block will close it on the server if we decide not
//to iterate through the whole thing.
using(ICursor all = categories.Find(new Document())){
foreach(Document doc in all.Documents){
public static class OidExtensions
public static Oid ToOid (this string str){
if (str.Length == 24)
return new Oid (str);
return new Oid (str.Replace ("\"", ""));
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