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Commits on Jul 6, 2010
  1. @lanwin
Commits on Jun 12, 2010
  1. @lanwin

    Start making not users types internal.

    lanwin committed
    Connection is now internal.
Commits on May 17, 2010
  1. @lanwin

    Merge with craig.

    lanwin committed
Commits on May 9, 2010
  1. @craiggwilson
Commits on May 7, 2010
  1. @lanwin

    Add the possibility to create mapped classes from a protected constru…

    lanwin committed
    …ctor but not from a private one.
Commits on Apr 30, 2010
  1. @lanwin
Commits on Apr 27, 2010
  1. @lanwin

    Removed IMongoConfiguration since we dosent need it.

    lanwin committed
    Use MongoConfiguration.Default instead of SerializationFactory.Default.
  2. @lanwin

    Fix namespaces.

    lanwin committed
  3. @lanwin

    Huge restructuring of the project.

    lanwin committed
    Move MongoDB.Driver* to MongoDB.
    Move source files to source subdirectory.
    No namespace fixes yet.
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