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Secure communication/connection

MongoDB currently does not provide any way of dong this, so our driver also can not provide this feature.

An way to solve that could be to tunnel you connections via SSH or VPN

Why System.Decimal is not supported

MongoDB uses BSON to store its data. BSON currently does not support Decimal values because there are a lot of languages that do not support Decimal to (like Javascript which MongoDB uses internally).

You can solve that by:

  • Converting it to double
    • Pro: All database operators like $inc are working
    • Con: You lost precision
  • Converting it to MongoDB.Binary
    • Pro: You keep precision
    • Con: Database operators like $inc does not work
  • Create a wrapper class which holds the spitted value
    • Pro: You keep precision
    • Pro: Other drivers can simply read the simple values
    • Con: Database operators like $inc does not work
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