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  • Intro to Realtime

  • Meteor

    • Demo
    • Install
    • Tutorial
  • ActionCable

    • Demo
    • Install



  • Install Meteor and related dependencies
  • Build todo app
  • Deploy app to the web
  • Compile application for iOS


ActionCable is a client and server side Rails library for real-time communication that combines websockets with Redis to manage resources. In a nit shell, it provides realtime application features familiar to chat, collaboration, and social applications.


  • Install dependencies required to run Rails 5 ActionCable
  • Demonstrate ActionCable from example app

ActionCable Overview

  • One Cable per session
    • In Rails, sockets are called cables.
    • One is opened for every session.
  • Many Channels
    • Each Cable may have many channels.
    • A Channel is like a resource for sockets (comments, messages, location, etc.).
  • Broadcasters
    • Sends data through specific channels

The Stack

  • Puma (see "Drifting Ruby: ActionCable Screencast" for alternative)
  • Redis
  • Websockets