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Organizing thoughtful discussions on the Steem blockchain
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Hi! welcome on the debato Github page. What is debato? Debato is an online platform that accommodates online debates on topics big an small. We all are passionate about certain topics, and it can happen that a difference in opinion leads to conversations that resemble a bottomless pit of arguments and acquisitions. This results in many people not even getting involved or finding it a waste of time to formulate proper arguments. By filtering out the qualitative arguments and by structuring arguments and sub-discussions, debato allows anyone to share their thoughts and points of view in a clear way. And why stop there? Because debato is built on the decentralized Steem blockchain, writing thoughtful and interesting arguments or discussions can get you paid!

If you want to contribute to this project, make sure to check @debato on busy, steemit, Steempeak or any other steem platform you like, or keep an eye on this GitHub repository. update 2 preview (02/19)


This repository can be used by anyone to propose changes, create new features or fix present problems. Folders are self explanatory, each html page imports its own JavaScript and CSS file with the same file name, a 'commons' JavaScript file for common functions such as upvoting, commenting, loading arguments etc. and a general layout.css file for general layout rules.

Images (banner and favicon) are stored in the imgs folder as vector files so feel free to propose new styles.


Long term plans

  • Display statistics about a discussion (distribution of age, gender, location... on the different sides of the topic).
  • Displaying the structure of the discussion you are currently viewing. Interactively showing where you are in the vast tree structure of debates.
  • A system of points (using Smart Media Tokens (SMT)) for rewarding authors and popular discussions/arguments.
  • A leader board/ranking system to provide additional incentives for engaging with thoughtful comments and debate.

Short term plans

  • Adding functionalities on the profile page such as (un)following users and displaying the Wallet and performing common operations.
  • An 'about' page that introduces new users to the workings and goals of debato.
  • Grouping operations such as 'edit' and 'remove' under a single icon that expands.
  • Filtering 'hot' discussions and optionally displaying an icon on posts that are featured on the 'hot' page.

If you want to engage with the project via discord, make sure to check out the server

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