Hydra file characterization (extracted from Sufia)
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What is hydra-file_characterization?

Provides a wrapper for file characterization.

Product Owner & Maintenance

hydra-file_characterization is a Core Component of the Samvera community. The documentation for what this means can be found here.

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The Samvera community is here to help. Please see our support guide.

Getting Started

If you are using Rails add the following to an initializer (./config/initializers/hydra-file_characterization_config.rb):

Hydra::FileCharacterization.configure do |config|
  config.tool_path(:fits, '/path/to/fits')
Hydra::FileCharacterization.characterize(File.read(filename), File.basename(filename), :fits)```

* Why `file.read`? To highlight that we want a string. In the case of ActiveFedora, we have a StringIO instead of a file.
* Why `file.basename`? In the case of Fits, the characterization takes cues from the extension name.

You can call a single characterizer…

xml_string = Hydra::FileCharacterization.characterize(File.read("/path/to/my/file.rb"), 'file.rb', :fits)

…for this particular call, you can specify custom fits path…

xml_string = Hydra::FileCharacterization.characterize(contents_of_a_file, 'file.rb', :fits) do |config|
  config[:fits] = './really/custom/path/to/fits'

…or even make the path callable…

xml_string = Hydra::FileCharacterization.characterize(contents_of_a_file, 'file.rb', :fits) do |config|
  config[:fits] = lambda {|filename| … }

…or even create your custom characterizer on the file…

xml_string = Hydra::FileCharacterization.characterize(contents_of_a_file, 'file.rb', :my_characterizer) do |config|
  config[:my_characterizer] = lambda {|filename| … }

You can also call multiple characterizers at the same time.

fits_xml, ffprobe_xml = Hydra::FileCharacterization.characterize(contents_of_a_file, 'file.rb', :fits, :ffprobe)

Registering New Characterizers

This is possible by adding a characterizer to the Hydra::FileCharacterization::Characterizers' namespace.


This software has been developed by and is brought to you by the Samvera community. Learn more at the Samvera website.

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