User roles for hydra users
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An engine gem to provide a RDBMS backed list of roles and their associated user. This replaces the hydra default role mapper.

This gem supports both Rails 3 and 4.


  • Add: gem 'hydra-role-management' to your Gemfile and then bundle install
  • rails generate roles
  • rake db:migrate
  • Add the following cancan abilities:
  # app/models/ability.rb
  if current_user.admin?
    can [:create, :show, :add_user, :remove_user, :index, :edit, :update, :destroy], Role

##Testing: Given the need to support both Rails 3 and 4, the test suite has been parameterized to test against any version of Rails.

  • Install a system javascript runtime or uncomment therubyracer in spec/support/Gemfile
  • Ensure that the testing app does not exist: bundle exec rake clean
  • Set Rails version you want to test against. For example:
    • RAILS_VERSION=3.2.13 or RAILS_VERSION=4.0.0
  • Ensure that the correct version of Rails is installed: bundle update
  • Build test app: bundle exec engine_cart:generate
  • And run tests: bundle exec rake spec