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Hyku: A multi-tenant Hyrax application built on the latest and greatest Samvera community components. Brought to you by the Hydra-in-a-Box project partners and IMLS; maintained by the Hyku Interest Group.
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Hyku, the Hydra-in-a-Box Repository Application

Code: Build Status Coverage Status Stories in Ready

Docs: Documentation Contribution Guidelines Apache 2.0 License

Jump In: Slack Status

Table of Contents

Running the stack

For development

postgres -D ./db/postgres
redis-server /usr/local/etc/redis.conf
DISABLE_REDIS_CLUSTER=true bundle exec sidekiq
DISABLE_REDIS_CLUSTER=true bundle exec rails server -b

For testing

See the Hyku Development Guide for how to run tests.

Working with Translations

You can log all of the I18n lookups to the Rails logger by setting the I18N_DEBUG environment variable to true. This will add a lot of chatter to the Rails logger (but can be very helpful to zero in on what I18n key you should or could use).

$ I18N_DEBUG=true bin/rails server


AWS CloudFormation templates for the Hyku stack are available in a separate repository:

With Docker

We distribute a docker-compose.yml configuration for running the Hyku stack and application using docker. Once you have docker installed and running, launch the stack using e.g.:

docker-compose up -d

With Vagrant

The samvera-vagrant project provides another simple way to get started "kicking the tires" of Hyku (and Hyrax), making it easy and quick to spin up Hyku. (Note that this is not for production or production-like installations.) It requires VirtualBox and Vagrant.

Switching accounts

The recommend way to switch your current session from one account to another is by doing:


Development Dependencies


Hydra-in-a-Box supports multitenancy using the apartment gem. apartment works best with a postgres database.


from CSV:

./bin/import_from_csv localhost spec/fixtures/csv/gse_metadata.csv ../hyku-objects

from purl:

./bin/import_from_purl ../hyku-objects bc390xk2647 bc402fk6835 bc483gc9313


  • Ruby 2.4 or the latest 2.3 version is recommended. Later versions may also work.
  • Rails 5 is required. We recommend the latest Rails 5.1 release.

Product Owner



The Samvera community is here to help. Please see our support guide.


This software was developed by the Hydra-in-a-Box Project (DPLA, DuraSpace, and Stanford University) under a grant from IMLS.

This software is brought to you by the Samvera community. Learn more at the Samvera website.

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